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Virginia is host to companies that convert vehicles to electric, that manufacturer chargers, that provide and install chargers, that assist with charger financing and that provide numerous other services.  Below is a list of Virginia employers, businesses, and contacts for electric vehicles in Virginia.  Please leave a comment or email aharned@hrccc.org if you have any additions or changes to this list.

Virginia Clean Cities – regional nonprofit project facilitator
Virginia Clean Cities is one of 90 coalitions nationwide assisting with local decisions to advance clean domestic alternate fuel vehicles in place of imported and environmentally challenging petroleum fuels.  Clean cities can assist with project technical information as well as identifying additional contacts or funding.  http://www.hrccc.org

Car Charging – Harrisonburg Virginia installer and financial assistance
Car Charging Group installs and maintains public electric car chargers at no cost to the host.  They are technology neutral company which assures that they can provide the equipment that best suits your specific application.  The end user pays for the use of the machine and Car Charging Group shares its revenue with the host.  Car Charging pays for the install and the other cost such as liability insurance, service, and pays for the electricity. So not only do you get the charging units installed and maintained for free, they generate revenue for hosts.  http://www.carcharging.com/

Urban Grid Solar – Richmond Virginia charger and renewables installer
Urban Grid is a renewable energy company that hopes to make solar energy and electric vehicle charging stations a standard part of commercial & residential construction.  They do solar thermal, photovoltaic, and EV charging station installations in Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington DC area.   In addition to the commercial & residential sectors, we are an approved government contractor and SWAM vendor.  They offer free site assessments and design each renewable installation to fit the current and future energy needs of the client.  Photovoltaic systems are covered under warranty for 25 years and a 3 year annual service agreement is standard with every installation.  EV ChargePoint Systems also come with an extended warranty to ensure maximum usage.  Partnerships with Coulomb and Aker Wade.  http://www.urbangridsolar.com

Erin Hensley – Urban Grid Solar, Inc. 3310 W. Clay St, Suite 100 Richmond VA 23230
P: 804.353.0491 F: 804-353-0491 erin@urbangridsolar

Eaton Corporation – Eaton is a manufacturer, installer, and maintenance operation of electric vehicle chargers and various components.  Eaton manufactures home charging units in Williamsburg Virginia and has served many Virginia installations.

Solar Services – Virginia Beach solar system and electric vehicle charger installer
Solar Services promotes electric vehicle chargers with solar electric panels as the IRS says the tax credit for this is 50%. They do work all over the state and look to promote this technology as smart for small business and homeowner alike.  Solar Services has been in the solar/clean energy business since the 1970’s, so they have a long term commitment to a clean environment and smart use of energy. http://www.solarservices.com

Richard Good 877 Seahawk Circle Suite #101, Virginia Beach, VA, 23452 P: (757) 427-6300 P2: (757) 468-1887 F: (757) 468-3247 solserv@solarservices.com

Aker Wade – Charlottesville Virginia L3 charger manufacturer
Founded in 2000, Aker Wade Power Technologies designs, manufactures and services advanced fast charging systems for electric vehicles. Today, Aker Wade fast chargers are in use in facilities across the United States, Europe, and Australia.  Management and staff have extensive experience in electrical and mechanical engineering, factory automation software development, chemistry, advanced power controls, and manufacturing science as well as technical product sales and applications engineering.  http://www.akerwade.com/

P: (434) 975-6001 info@akerwade.com

Plugless Power – Wytheville Virginia plugless charging manufacturer
Requiring no cord and plug, Plugless Power™ is the world’s first “hands-free” proximity charging system for electric vehicles. Based on inductive power transfer used in electrical transformers for over 100 years, Plugless Power offers outfitted vehicles the ability to pull into a parking space (or garage) and refuel without any driver interaction.  The proximity charging system guards against forgetting to recharge, tripping hazards, and inclement weather while also redefining electric vehicle recharging as just another automatic process that can easily be acclimated into a wireless, self-cleaning, user-free life.  http://www.pluglesspower.com/

Rebecca Hough, EVP of Technology, rhough@evatran.com P: 276.620.3196

Related: June 29, 2010 announcement: 84 jobs, $3.4 million investment  http://www.governor.virginia.gov/news/viewRelease.cfm?id=219

Dupont – Chesterfield Virginia manufacturer of electric vehicle battery components
DuPont has a manufacturing facility in Chesterfield County to make the first nanofiber-based polymeric separators for high-performance lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles and many other potential commercial uses. The facility, an early commercial-scale plant to produce the new material for this growing market, will begin operations in early 2011.

Related: August 3, 2010 announcement of Dupont $20 million investment http://www.governor.virginia.gov/news/viewRelease.cfm?id=300

AVRC – Danville Virginia vehicle conversions and charge station installation
AVRC has a commercial initiative to convert hybrid Toyota Priuses to Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles.  AVRC also sells Coulomb chargers in the Virginia market. http://www.avrc.com

Dick Dell, rddell@avrc.com

Municipal Electric Power Association of Virginia – Municipal Utilities
Some municipalities have a full scale electric utility that may be able to assist with project considerations or offer resources.  For a listing of these municipalities, please visit : http://www.mepav.org

Shorepower Technologies – Office in Virginia Beach, VA. Manufacturers, installs and services electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and truck stop electrification (TSE) equipment throughout the country. Shorepower supplied the charging stations at several Virginia rest areas. http://www.shorepower.com

Old Dominion Innovations, Inc.– Ashland, VA RenewableEnergy and EV Charger Installations
Old Dominion Innovations, Inc. is a Class A licensed Electrical and Building Contractor, specializing in renewable and sustainable construction. We sell, service, and install Solar PV, Solar Thermal, and Electric Vehicle Chargers throughout Virginia. We provide turn-key solutions for everything from homeowner charging stations to Solar Powered, whole fleet sized build-outs. As a licensed Electrical contractor, you will be dealing with us and our employes throughout your project, instead of relying on subcontractors for your critical infrastructure needs. We feel that this gives you a higher quality installation at a lower price. We are a SWAM vendor with the State of Virginia and a member of the BBB. We offer free site assessments and will even service and repair installations done by other companies. http://olddominioninnovations.com/

9432 Atlee Commerce Blvd, Suite H, Ashland, VA  23005


  1. Jeff Kim says:

    Shorepower Technologies – Office in Virginia Beach, VA. Manufacturers, installs and services electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and truck stop electrification (TSE) equipment throughout the country. Shorepower supplied the charging stations at several Virginia rest areas.

    1. VirginiaEVAdmin says:

      I’m so sorry Jim, we were a little backlogged in our web maintenance of this site. I’ve added Shorepower as a business and have removed it as a comment if that’s alright. Thanks!

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      I’m sorry, I meant Jeff – not Jim!

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