EV User Photos


Wheego LiFe is an all-electric vehicle that travels 100 miles/charge

Wheego LiFe on display in Norfolk, VA at the NARO Theater

James River Air Conditioning Nissan Leaf


John Papa’s Gem e4, recharging on solar PV from SunRnR


Russ Beyer Charging at New Kent Westbound I-61 Rest Area

One of VCU's Electric Work Trucks

One of VCU’s Electric Work Trucks

JMU Work Truck

One of JMU’s Electric Work Trucks

Coldwell Banker Funkhouser's Zap Xebra, Harrisonburg, VA.

Coldwell Banker Funkhouser Zap Xebra, Harrisonburg, VA. Urban Exchange offers complementary level 1 charging

Larry McDorman's converted '95 S-10, Martinsville

Larry McDorman’s converted ’95 S-10, Martinsville


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